alternative high voltage pylon Nockstein


Alternative Pylons Nockstein

Projekt Daten

location: Koppl bei Salzburg, Austria
client: Austrian Power Grid
competition: 2012
buildingcosts: 220.000 Euro (excl. VAT.)
status: competition entry
projekt team: Alexander Matl, Miro Straka, Thomas Buseck

structural engineers: Brandstätter ZT GmbH, Salzburg (AT)


The main issue of this design is the dissolution of the boundaries between nature and technology. Due to the constantly increasing energy consumption of our society, structural interventions in the natural environment are indispensable. These interventions, always respectful and implemented with extreme sensitivity, are the starting point of this project.

The new route of the 380 kV electric line is to be led over a mountain ridge east of Nockstein. The resulting mast position is in direct proximity to the local hiking routes and widely visible in the surrounding area which requires an in-depth consideration of both immediate and more remote impressions. The planning area is covered by a beech forest. On the southern side of the ridge, a dense spruce forest ends after a few meters. The design relates to this naturally grown field, which exists next to an artificially constructed field of pylons. Each tree that has to be removed is shortened and de-limbed and is covered by a protective shell placed on the remaining tree stump. This shell consists of a reflective net. At the end of this metamorphosis the resulting alternative mast image is a hybrid structure. On one hand, it is a naturally grown forest structure and on the other hand, a technically functional mast. The design consists of eight masts whose position and height correspond to the minimum safety distance. The different mast types require a differentiated cable routing. The elimination of parallel lines reduces their visibility due to the consequently different reflections of the surrounding light conditions . Another important point is the network-like mirror structure. With the introduction of reflecting surfaces, a dissolution of the artificial object through the surrounding field occurs. Regardless of the location, the reflections of the surrounding structures and colors integrate these into location-specific properties. The reflections of the forest are transformed into a reflection of the sky with increasing height.The construction is almost invisible!

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