Lakeside House


Lakeside House


location: Seeham, Österreich
client: privat
usable floor area: 172m2
construction: 2017-2018
status: completed

architect: Martin Oberascher
project team: Alexander Matl, Xavier Delanoue

photo credits:
exterior Stefan Zauner,
interior Verena Schierl

structural engineers: Armstorfer Ingenieurkonsulenten
building physics: Graml Ziviltechnik
interior designer: Marcel Eberharter

concrete and timber structure: Hillebrand Bau GmbH
facade engineering: ICC Fassadentechnik GmbH
mechanical engineering: Brandlmayr
electrical engineering: Elektro Leper


The house with two faces,
In the lake region of the Trumer lakes and also the region of Salzkammergut the Lakehouse typology arises from the leisure consciousness at the end of the 19th century. Since then, the ensemble as a typology has been in the focus of the conservation authorities. The ensemble effect results in a uniform combination of building types with similar silhouettes, which is reflected in the overall picture of a kind of chain-like sequence.

In our design, we implemented this principle very rigorously, but also emphasized the fact that the house develops from its distinct geometrical outline towards an architectural peculiarity and thus a presence, which is on one hand harmoniously integrated into the ensemble, but on the other hand unfolds a variety of spatial opportunities, which creates for its user a pleasant animate environment in their privacy. The house is given two faces, a very reduced traditional picture from the country side and a freed gesture from the lake side. These oriels, which are indentations of the interior and the exterior space, offer their advantages and spatial impressions in significant areas of the building, like a weatherproofed terrace and balcony from the outside and a framed focused picture of the lake from the inside. Both sides merge into one another without a visible break, creating a continuous transition from a formal public appearance to an individual private retreat.

Privacy Notes