Storage Hall Salzburg


storage hall Salzburg

Projekt Daten

construction: 2009 – 2010
client: Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg Landesinnung Bau
useable floor space: 460m2
project team: Martin Oberascher, Alexander Matl

structural engineer: Brandstätter ZT GmbH, Salzburg
ELO: TB Instaplan

concrete work: Hartl Bau GmbH
steel construction: Ziegler GmbH
ELO: Sänze GmbH


The design task was to develop a purely functional building on the basis of high-rack bearing requirements and their loading. In addition, however, a visually appealing object was to be created by means of form and material selection, adapting to the adjacent landscape.

The focus is on the blur-effect. Depending on the point of view, the grating creates a gradual transparency and thus a differentiated appearance. The building structure oscillates between opaque and transparent which results in a lively appearance.

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