Niederösterreich State Galery


State Gallery Lower Austria

Projekt Daten

location: Krems, Österreich
client: State Goverment of Lower Austria
useable floor area: 4900m²
status: Wettbewerbsbeitrag
project team: Alexander Matl


The project deals with important elements of urban networks: passages, bridges and entry views. The internal and external circulation is an integral part of the appearance of the building.

The distinctive path emerging out of the building (Loops) is an essential element of the project. This element connects the inner side of the building with the world heritage center and the Danube. With the new building the result is a visual attractor for Kunstmeile. The interaction between art and society is an essential part of the design. The entrance area is an urban square to linger, consume, and invites visitors to the enjoy art in a setting where an open circulation evokes conscious experience of public space.

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