Mildenburggasse, Salzburg, Austria, 2016

invited competition, 2. Prize

Living in the city, premium apartment building Salzburg

Projekt Daten

location: Salzburg, Austria
client: privat
useable floor area: 1.950m2
status: invited competition 2. Prize
building costs: 5.500.000 Euro (excl. VAT)
architect: Martin Oberascher
team: Xavier Delanoue, Alexander Matl, Hannes Tallafuss


The lifestyle of an urban society is as diverse as the stories of its inhabitants. The desire to have access to different living concepts was the starting point of our design.

To comply with the diversity of users, the building was divided into five separate entities. Multiple typologies of housing are encompassed within a single building: family apartments and studio apartments, couple’s and single apartments, maisonette homes and senior apartments. Each apartment has a different added value according to given criteria: size, view, orientation, space component, or which floor it is located on.This individuality is also reflected in the external appearance of the building. Openings made in the shell are emphasized by a change of material. They create sheltered outside spaces to enjoy the view of the different mountains in the vicinity. The triangulated design elements are also transposed into the interior, where they define a sitting area and thus connect the inner and outer space.

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