Thalerareal Lido Redesign



Projekt Daten

location: Hard, Austria
client: City of Hard
useable floor area: 3.000m2
status: competition entry
project team: Martina Johanna Lesjak,  Alexander Matl, Thomas Buseck

landscape design: Latz + Partner


The relationship of the built environment to water such as rivers, lakes or seas has always been an essential factor for the development of urban structures. The city of Hard exemplifies this trend. The recent development steps of ports and leisure facilities seemed rather disorganized and building a new structure was increasingly difficult.

The project’s aim was to accomplish three things: Visually improved connection between the city and the lake, the center and port, generating attractive spaces for residents and visitors alike, with a strong and unique identity; and lastly, a design and functional enhancement of existing functions and intimate character, which should only be accessible for residents. The new building should be represent a distinctive architectural gesture, be visible from afar and set a clearly perceptible frontlets upstream city area to reconnect the city to her water bank.

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