S.A.N. Medical Center


S.A.N. Medical Center


location: Salzburg, Österreich
client: S.A.N. GmbH
useable floor area: 400m2
status: construction completed 2016
project team: Alexander Matl, Martina Lesjak, Xavier Delanoue

structural engineering: Brandstätter ZT GmbH, Salzburg (AT)

general contractor: Hartl Bau GmbH (AT)
HVAC: Rauscher GmbH
ELO: Rembart & Scherer GmbH
timber construction: Paul Gollackner


This project is the conversion of an office building into a medical practice. The spatial concept consists of an ample room defined by rounded walls. This open space generates a smooth transition between reception area and the functional medical areas. The meandering structure breaks with the classic sequence of spaces and creates a continuum of open and enclosed spaces. An important parameter is to guide the light in this deep space along the curved surfaces of the wall. This effect is accentuated by freely placed indirect artificial light in the ceiling. The recovery room is secluded by translucent curtains which continue the formal qualities of the openings of the ceiling. The next phase is the construction of a new staircase with an elevator. The differentiated facade emphasizes the autonomous position of the structure. Subsequently we are working on a study for the further development of the property.

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