Footbridge, Salzburg, 2009


Salzach footbridge, 2009

project data

location: Salzburg, Austria
client: City of Salzburg
status: competition entry

Knippers Helbig (DE)

project description

The bank area of the planned bridge is characterized by very different structures. The one side is dominated by a heterogeneous, small-scale development with a suburban character. The other side of the river is dominated by a floodplain forest. The differences in the surrounding environment pose the key issue of the design. As an artificial landscape, the bridge connects the two opposing sides and combines landscape and structure.

The natural topographical lines and the path network of the forest are brought together in this expansion at the end of the bridge. The lines are resumed by the structure of the bridge and continued to the other side. The construction of the bridge consists of laminated beams which bundle or expand according to static requirements. The new bridge over the Salzach is also designed as a spatial experience. The cross-section of the bridge changes fluently from an open path to a space encompassing the user in the center of the bridge, and then widens again toward the forest where it flows into the artificial landscape. The longitudinally extended lamella- beams compress or open to allow for views on the surrounding landscape. Seating areas integrated into the deck invite to enjoy these panorama views.

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