Public Viewing Platform Sportcenter Rif

competition 3. prize

tribune sport center Rif


location: Rif, Österreich
client: Land Salzburg
usable floor area: 680m2
status: invited competition 3. prize
cost: 3.166.000 Euro (excl. MwSt.)
architect:Martin Oberascher
team: Alexander Matl

structural engineering: Brandstätter ZT GmbH, Salzburg (AT),
building physics: Graml Ziviltechnik (AT)

project discription

The tribune of the Rif sports complex is a hybrid structure. The viewing platform is designed for various sporting events, as a social meeting place for active sportsmen and as a representative area for the entire complex.

There are two main design principles. It is a place which is used by active athletes and spectators at the same time. Therefore, the building has to fulfill the classic requirements for optimal viewing on the different playing fields, for contemporary athletic facilities, and should serve as a lounge area for exercising athletes. Furthermore, the project frames the main plaza of the entire sports complex Rif. The locker rooms are situated underneath the driveway of the plaza on the level of the underground connection of the existing complex. This enables a direct connection of the plaza and the sports field.

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