Kindergarden Fürstenbrunn


Kindergarten Fürstenbrunn

Projekt Daten

location: Fürstenbrunn, Austria
useable floor area: 1900m2
status: Competition entry
architect: Martin Oberascher
project team: Alexander Matl, Xavier Delanoue, Hannes Tallafuss


Curiosity is one of the main characteristics of children. It plays a central role in the personal development of individuals as well as in a social context. This natural instinct should be to explore early in life the space with positive connotation. Ludic space leads to the increasement of the pleasure of learning.

The spatial reference field of the child, which extends from the family living unit to a larger spatial unit, the kindergarten class, automatically leads to a very formative experience. This curiosity about the space exploration is the starting point of our architectural intervention. It should be a lively place, which allows the children a playful discovery and a creative engagement with their environment.

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