Tunnelportal Karawankentunnel „10sec sculpture“

competition honorable mention

Tunnelportal Karawankentunnel „10sec sculpture“

project data

location: St. Jakob, Österreich
client: ASFINAG
construction: 2013
status: competition entry
project team: Alexander Matl, Xavier Delanoue

consultant: ICC Fassadentechnik GmbH


The connection speed between different network node points is essential in all infrastructure systems of the 21st century. If one considers the individual mobility of motor vehicles and their intended transport structures more precisely, a loss of identity-defining topographical conditions is associated with the smooth dynamics of a long distance connection.

The more effortless you move from A to B, the less memorable the landscape becomes. In our design, we are trying to counter this phenomenon and transform the entrance of the tunnel into a staged experience. If you drive at a speed of 100 km/h the perception phase is limited to 10 seconds. This is the time frame to create a “10 seconds sculpture”. Two different fields must be distinguished. The distance which defines the entry point of the mountain and the proximity of the structure. The design concept is based on these two integral aspects. A dynamically deformed facade and ceiling lamellas, which represent the complexity of the tunnel, are the dominant elements. A viewer moving at a certain speed along a motionless structure perceives a dynamic transformation of the surrounding built up environment. The opening lamellas create a guidance system which gently leads the driver into the inner world of the mountain.

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