Grödig Market Square


A new citycenter for the community of Grödig

Projekt Daten

start of construction: 2023
gross area: 3.000m2
mixed use: culture, education, trade, gastronomy
client: Groedig municipality
architects: MOA Martin Oberascher & Partner Architekten ZT GmbH
project-team: Alexander Matl, Katharina Bacher



“A community consists of people who live together and exchange ideas. Even though nowadays a lot is being shifted to the digital world, and the need to meet people in real gets less important. The need for real physical interaction with other people comes more and more into focus of our common society. To encurage this qualitytime, also the quality of meetingplaces like public places shoud be enhanced.”

This concept is about precisely such intermediate areas between private, semi-public and public spaces. It tries to establish a connection between these fields. The design of the new citycenter concentrates on an area in Grödig, which is in a very central location, and thus allows a multitude of insights, outlooks and views arround the town. The main entrance to the square is accessed through a large urban gate. This gate frames the view from the main street to the inside of the square and shows the activities there. The loosened position of the buildings and the integration into the adjacent urban fabric make a natural and harmonious integration into the market town possible. In the following, a prepositioned arcade (colonnade), with different heights, surrounds the marketsquare and creates several recreational areas around the center. The arcade forms a circumferential band that connects the adjacent buildings as urban core together. The historic facade of the farmhouse acts as scenery for the central area of the market square. It thus operates as a mediator between traditional and contemporary building culture.

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